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Hey Folks, Please lift up in Prayer, Suzy Thomas, Brian Huffman, Diana Silence, Kemp Howard, Ronnie Cavenaugh, Kevin Rouse, Katlyn Vernon, Rosolyn Jones, Waylon Flemming, Jenna Thompson, Macey Braxton, Jerry and Denise Pike, Kenneth Williams, Billy Cox, Jennifer Cole, Misty and David Brown, Randy Houston, Bryson Capps, Kenneth Davis, Elwood Jarman (Doodle),Melvin Bland, Micha Bland, Tammie Jones, Carolyn English, Libby Mobley, they all need a special touch from our Heavenly Father. 

Meet the STG Band, They sure make things flow smoother, and We Thank them for all of their hard work and dedication!

Hey Folks, Meet Ralph Murphy, soundman, manager, equipment toter, and all around good man. We really appreciate what he does.

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