Hey we've had an exciting time this past weekend starting with Onslow House Thursday evening and a full chapel, then we were with our friends at Rivermont Holiness for Pastor appreciation Saturday evening, and then at one of our home churches at Bethel Baptist Sunday morning for Pastor appreciation day, the Blessings just keep coming, Kurt spoke Sunday morning and did a great job. Friends Love your Pastor, Thank your Pastor, and most of all Pray for your Pastor. 

Hey Folks, Please be in prayer for Mike Huffman, Harry Kennedy, Elwood English, Olive Jarman, also remember,Tammie Brown, Ruth Schwartz, Brenda Huffman, Thurman Huffman, Misty Brown, and Terri Dixon, they all need a special touch from our Heavenly Father. Let's also remember the Family members of Sandra Egoff and Billy Moore, their hearts are heavy now with the loss of loved ones.

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